A First Look at ‘NBA 2K18’ & ‘Madden NFL 18’ Enhanced on Xbox One X

60 frames is more important. . .

This week, Microsoft has released its long-awaited Xbox One X console to worldwide retailers. While we’re still deciding whether or not it’s worth it to spend the loot, new media has emerged from two of the fall’s biggest releases. First up, we finally get a look at NBA 2K18 screens on the new 4K console – which reveal a drastic change in lighting. Along with enhanced face scans, body builds and an entire life-like crowd; we’re heavily intrigued on how this one would look running at 60-frames-per-second. An official Madden NFL 18 trailer was also released by Microsoft for launch day, which shows off the 4K HDR improvements you’ll be able to enjoy this holiday season.

Take a look at the media below.

Madden on the Xbox One X

Fan reaction with 2K on the 1X

NBA 2K on the Xbox One X

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