A Glimpse at What to Expect Graphically on PlayStation 5 & Next Xbox

Realistic Looking Characters. . .

This generation-cycle, Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited PS4 exclusive Death Stranding, will likely be the best-looking game we come across on consoles this decade. However, Epic Games is looking to make that insane presentation the norm for PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox.

A few months ago, Epic showcased the latest version of their Unreal Engine 4, which is already slowly taking over the PC world. During the Gamer Developers Conference in Las Vegas, Epic gave a glimpse into the future of what the UE4 engine can really do.

While PC is likely to get this graphical upgrade before the next official Sony and Microsoft consoles in 2021, take a look at the lines are being blurred to real-life in the clip below.

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Unreal engine 4 showcasing next-gen

Death Stranding | The Game Awards 2017

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