AEW is Doing Everything Right to Resurrect Wrestling Video Games

AEW on PS5 & Xbox Series X in 2021?

Remember when wrestling games were fun? We still hold WWF No Mercy as the greatest video of all-time from the Nintendo 64. Yes, a wrestling game created some of the biggest gaming moments that haven’t been topped ‘til this day on any console.

After gaining success on TNT with the launch of their AEW Dynamite, the professional wrestling brand is looking to expand to consoles with an official video game. They went as far as to create their own social media platform for pending series and confirmed it would be unveiled November 10th.

Coincidentally, that happens to the launch day for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, if anyone is wondering if this will be a mobile title. With rumors swirling of usage for the popular AKI engine we saw in No Mercy, we’ll find out everything in exactly a week when the game is revealed.

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