‘Call of Duty’ is Returning to Original Roots after Multiple Activision Layoffs


The return of traditional combat?

Last November, Activision and a-list developer, Infinity Ward released the thirteenth installment for their Call of Duty series. With more than 10 years under their belts as the premier destination for first-person shooter online multi-player video games, Activision has noticed a decline in overall sales and even more criticism of their latest release.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the final shot for long-time players, who had grown tired with repetitiveness, forcing the third-party giant to rethink plans for their franchise. In a company earnings report last week, the company said that the series was returning back to its roots -leaving behind the space-themed combat we’ve seen over the last few years.

Surprisingly, Activision had big layoffs, despite surpassing their financial targets. We’re not really expecting anything to progress with Call of Duty, at least this year – so this could be a good thing for them to surprise a few fans not interested in the upcoming Sledgehammer Games arrives in fall.

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