‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Introduces ‘Blackout’ Mode with Revamped Multiplayer Trailer

get ready for ‘Blackout’ mode!

Earlier this week, Activision confirmed they were taking a break from the single-player mode of Call of Duty in the franchise’s next installment, Black Ops 4. Unlike previous years, the title will be arriving in October, as opposed to its signature first week November release (see: Red Dead Redemption).

To make it up to fans, developer Treyarch introduced its new battle royal mode called Black Out. The mode is set to feature land, sea and air vehicles – which unfortunately hasn’t been publicly revealed

The battle royal experience is set to feature the biggest map in the history of Call of Duty (one thousand times larger than Nuketown); including the introduction of multiplayer zombies.

Take a look at the multiplayer trailer reveal and a teaser for Blackout.

Multiplayer Trailer

Black Out Teaser

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