EXCLUSIVE: ‘Street Fighter 6’ Coming Day-One on Xbox Game Pass

Capcom ‘Street Fighter 6’ Xbox Game Pass

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Capcom ‘Street Fighter 6’ Xbox Game Pass plans leaked, as we have insider information on what the third party giant is planning. Last year, we were the first publication to share exclusive information on Street Fighter 6.

Revealed through the trailer, Capcom confirmed that the series was finally taking a step in the next-generation realm of graphics, sharing life-like graphics for the new experience.

While platforms weren’t shared during the platform unveiling, it’s been brought to our attention that the game will be indeed releasing on Xbox Series X. In fact, Street Fighter 6 will be a day-one release for Xbox Game Pass.

This move seems shocking to some, but Microsoft and companies have been recouping insane revenue through streaming activity and DLC purchases.

Today, Capcom celebrated the sixth anniversary for Street Fighter V, launching the SFVCE Definitive Update. However, even with the game launching FREE on Xbox through Game Pass, we’re still deciding whether to purchase the PlayStation 5 version.

The PS5 DualSense is the only reason we’re still buying games from Sony, on the strength of the controller itself. For every fighting game, we’ve always preferred the Sony controllers’ versus others, and that won’t change for the “dated” Xbox Series X controller.

Look for this information to likely be confirmed at e3 in a few months.

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