EA Announces ‘NBA LIVE 18’ Demo Release Date

Next Friday. . .

Last spring and continuing into this summer, EA Sports has surprisingly gained a bit of attention towards the resurrection of their NBA LIVE series. We previously saw work-in-progress gameplay after E3, as EA kept gameplay private for the time being. The company feels so confident this time around, that they’re releasing a public demo for LIVE 18 on August 11th.

Next Friday, gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will be able to get a taste of the action first-hand and judge whether or not NBA 2K18 will finally have some competition this season.

Stay tuned because we’ll be giving our hands-on reaction to the demo and whether or not the title will be worth your money in a few weeks. By the way, EA hasn’t formally announced a release date or price for the retail game, so we’re hoping it arrives around the time 2K drops.

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