EA Sports Introduces ‘Real Player Motion’ Technology for UFC 3

Still no fight night. . .

With EA Sports still refusing to revisit the Fight Night series, UFC lovers should be intrigued about their next MMA game. This week, Electronic Arts formally revealed their upcoming UFC 3 game, which is slated to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on February 2nd.

Essentially, the developer has reconstructed the entire game; citing every punch, kick, block and counter has been recaptured. The company also now launches their first game with Real Player Motion; which will feature realistic, fluid and responsive motion, in new life-like fights.

Along with 5,000 new animations captured and rebuilt from the ground up; we also get a look at the action moving outside the ring for a new G.O.A.T. Career Mode. While becoming the greatest, you’ll also be able to take a break for new Knockout, Stand & Bang, Submission Showtime, and Fight Now Custom modes. Take a look at the debut trailer below, featuring Conor McGregor.

Apply for November 27 – December 1 Beta


Groundbreaking Animation Technology

Powered by Real Player Motion Tech, EA SPORTS UFC 3 features cutting-edge animation technology that makes every move, every strike, and every combination more realistic, responsive, and rewarding.

Strategic Risk vs. Reward Damage System

The new Damage System introduces more tension and thrill based on risk-vs-reward strategy. Fighter positioning, stance, and vulnerability now has an even greater effect on the impact of each strike, making every punch thrown an opportunity to finish the fight, or leave yourself open to a devastating counter blow.

Hyperrealistic Locomotion

Footwork is now at the forefront of tactical fighting in EA SPORTS UFC 3. New animations brought to life through RPM Tech replicate uninterrupted fighter movement. UFC fighters now move across the mat, close gaps, and manage distances with seamless fluidity.

Authentic Fighter Styles

The biggest stars in the UFC now move and feel exactly as they do in real life, thanks to replicated fighting personalities. From Conor McGregor’s four-hit combo to Demetrius Johnson’s strike-to-takedown combinations, UFC 3 now realizes the life-like tendencies of some of the biggest fighters of the UFC, allowing you to execute their most dangerous combinations just as they do.

Fluid Striking

Thousands of new strike animations mean that every strike can be thrown while maintaining fighter momentum, allowing you to circle your opponent while throwing a hook, hit them with a counter straight on the retreat, or pressure them against the cage with combinations. Every fighter in the game has a variety of strike combinations at their disposal, making them a weapon you can learn to master inside the Octagon. Strikes can also be thrown out of slips and lunges, or feinted by pressing the block button, allowing you to bait your opponent into making a mistake and creating strategic opportunities for devastating counter attacks.

Best-In-Class Visuals Get Better

New and improved fighter likenesses, flex intensity, and authentically replicated fighter celebrations make the best-looking sports game on the planet look even better in UFC 3.

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