EA Madden NFL Exclusive License Major Update Confirms Our Previous NFL 2K Story

Like we’ve said, no NFL 2K. .

Last year, 2K Sports revealed that were returning to create non-simulation style football games. While many thought this would segue to a resurrection of NFL 2K, that was never the case.

The upcoming 2K Football game, will essentially be a spin-off of NBA 2K’s MyCareer game mode.

This will be where gamers can create their own character builds; and decide whether to buy virtual currency or grind in out in career mode.

NBC Sports confirmed that NFL owners are planning to vote in favor of extending the exclusive NFL license for EA Sports through 2027.

Considering it’s one of the top-10 selling video games on any platform, we’re not sure why people thought the NFL would want to gamble on losing revenue they’ve had for 15 years.

Let us know in the comments what you think of EA getting another extension for the license, and NFL 2K MyPlayer.

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