EA Sports Opens 1st Door for Madden PS5 & Xbox Series X Crossplay

Fall 2021. . .

With Sony and Microsoft quietly working together behind-the-scenes for cloud gaming, many are still out of the loop of their eventual merger. This week, Electronic Arts announced that Need for Speed: Heat has officially added Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 cross play, for its final update.

The patch is now live, which has opened the first door for imminent cross play on future Madden NFL and NBA LIVE titles. We’re expecting both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 to have the cross-play feature for upcoming titles after its initial launch year.

2K Sports has been rumored to implement the feature as well, for their upcoming NBA 2K22 and NFL 2K22 titles next year. With NFS Heat serving as the test run pilot for cross-play, let us know in the comments what you think of having multiple consoles competing against each other.

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