EA Sports Talks PS5 & Xbox Series X Basketball Games as NBA Street Rumors Emerge

EA Sports PS5, Xbox Series X Next-Gen Basketball Game Teased


EA Sports PS5, Xbox Series X next-gen basketball game Teased, as the company braces the public for their return to dominate everything. Over the last year, we’ve seen EA Games reboot the PGA Tour Golf series, as well as the NCAA Football franchise.

With both set to debut on consoles within the next few years, basketball is set to return as well in some fashion. While fans, like us, have been dying for some competitive and simulation basketball title on the market again, EA has sadly moved a lot of their developers to other studios.

In a conversation with Axios last week, EA Sports general manager Daryl Holt shared some key details on why we haven’t seen a basketball game yet. He went to say, “We’ve got some next-generation HD basketball projects that we have been talking about and designing and working on.”

Many are expecting the return of the NBA Street series, even after NBA Live revealed last year that they took the year off to focus on making the best product possible. Earlier this month, FIFA 22 introduced HyperMotion Technology, which has produced some of the best sports animations we’ve ever seen in our lives.

The general belief is that the shortage of consoles is the reason why most studios have been reluctant to make any type of announcement just yet. Hot continued with the discussion of a licensing deal with the NBA saying, “Definitely around mobile. And then we’re in discussions about what we want to do on the HD front.”

Considering there’s an outcry for this lane, we wouldn’t expect EA Games to just ignore something they can step in and fill a void for the lane that’s been plagued by competitors.


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