GameStop Offering Trade-Up Program for Xbox One X & PS4 Pro Consoles

Extra $50 bucks for any XB1 or Ps4!

At the top of the New Year, GameStop revealed a new trade-in program, for gamers interested in upgrading to 4K-ready consoles. While Microsoft is just now getting their Xbox One X console to the public, it’s been rumored that Sony is planning to formally unveil the PlayStation 5 next summer.

Before that date happens, owners of the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 original and PS4 slim systems can make an upgrade (values from $50 on a standard XB1 to $180.00 on PS4 Slim/XB1S).

The retailer giant is offering an extra $50 bucks store credit for any system you trade in, which could decrease your upgrade to $200 bucks. We’re doubting this deal will ever happen again this console cycle, so you have to next Saturday, January 20th to make a decision.

Disclaimer: Check out Xbox One trade-in values and/or check out PlayStation 4 trade-in values.

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