Do You Really Need a PS4 Pro to Enjoy ‘God of War 4’?

Pre-load on PS4 right now. . .

This week, is arguably one of our favorites this year so far in the video game industry. Kratos is finally going next-gen for the upcoming release, God of War. In comparison to being a continuation of the third-person adventure series from past consoles, Sony’s Santa Monica Studios have rebuilt the game from the ground up, including introducing a brand-new story-line.

From initial reviews, the title has become the highest-rated exclusive on the PS4, with essentially every gamin publication calling the title a masterpiece. Before the title splashes onto consoles, comparison videos for the PS4 Pro and PS4 standard have emerged, showcasing the title in 4K.

As you can see in the clips below, the title looks on-par even on the five-year-old standard console in 1080p. However, if you do have a PS4 Pro, our suggestion would be to switch to performance mode.

It enables 40 to 60 frames per second, for insane difference for the fast-paced action on. However, if you’re on resolution mode, a set 30 frames per second will be the only rate you get.

While the title is still playable on the standard, we highly recommend you to trade-in and upgrade for the pro this spring, to enjoy the best-looking game this generation cycle to date.

The title goes live Thursday night at 11:59pm ET, so be sure to pre-order the digital copy and download before the servers get overcrowded. Peep the clips in full below.

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