HDMI 2.1 Releases with 10K & Dynamic HDR Support, Comparison Chart Revealed

10K, though?

Earlier this month, Microsoft finally jumped into the next phase of technology, introducing High Dynamic Range gaming and 4K Blu-Ray movie watching on the same device (see: Xbox One X).

With movie, gaming and sports entities all figuring out a way to make a commercial leap to 4K, some eye-raising information has surfaced. If you’re still deciding to purchase a new 4K HDR TV for an Xbox One X, wait and make sure it has HDMI 2.1. This week, the spec was released, enabling data transfer rates of a whopping 48 gigabits per second; which is also compatible with older HDMI specs.

This is a gigantic leap above the current HDMI 2.0 spec that enables 18Gb/s and HDMI 1.4’s 10.2Gb/s. This new Ultra-High-Speed HDMI should be fun for gamers with the new Microsoft and Sony PS4 Pro devices. However, we’re curious if Netflix will be the first company to jump to eventual 8K technology – and when. Take a look below at graphic comparisons of each resolution tier.


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