How to Play ‘Madden NFL 18’ a Week Early

If you have an Xbox One. . .

Today, initial reviews are rolling in for Madden NFL 18, which are mostly positive. This season, EA Sports implemented the new in-house Frostbite 3 engine, which was used previously by the Battlefield series and this year with Mass Effect. While the change of engines hasn’t been groundbreaking, people are immediately noticing a huge graphical leap – in comparison to last year.

This weekend, EA Sports has launched the game live on Xbox One for EA Access members. If you’re a subscriber of the $5 USD monthly service, then you can download the full 36.49GB title, and play for 10 hours over the next few days. By the way, after playing a few games so far, be sure to close out of the Madden app, when you’re away from the Xbox to stop the timer countdown.

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