5 Things We Love Upgraded in ‘Madden 24’

Madden 24 Review Video August 2023

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Madden 24 review video August 2023, is the next look at all the new animations we’ve been enjoying so far from EA Sports. With the NFL just a few weeks ago, EA Sports has launched their latest installment of Madden 24. Over the summer, we played the private beta and were immediately intrigued by what to expect when the masses get their hands on it. Before it’s formally out on Friday, the early access edition is out for the most hardcore fans of the series. Here, we’ve put together a brief list of features we’ve noticed so far that will have us here for the year.

Animations with Fluidity

By far, the best thing about Madden 24 so far has been the new animations. This might sound like a repeated cycle, but each year they have time to build on what was successful in the prior installments to impress not only their hardcore fans of the game – but casuals as well. Movements and cuts have all been reworked from the previous year, which is largely in part to FieldSENSE and SAPIEN Technology.

Precision Passing / Catching

To separate casual gamers and people that know how to play, precision passing and catching is arguably the most important thing of the entire Madden 24 gaming experience. Yes, you’ll have to play like a real-life NFL athlete, and properly time quarterback passing and receiver catching. Those of you on defense that switch to the cornerbacks when the ball is in the air, will also have to really pay attention to watch what you’re doing when going for an interception. One mishap and it could be an automatic touchdown for the opposition. This provides an extra-level of realism, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties.

Franchise Mode Updates (Sleeper)

One of the most non-talked about modes in the game these days is franchise mode. Some of my closest friends and associates play this mode the entire year, which is centered on money leagues. Franchise mode has more freedom for those that are into that specific area of Madden 24, including: player progression sliders, draft class adjustments and every player regression. You’ll be able to determine which age players decline, which is imperative to those of you who play games in those money leagues.

Superstar Mode Expanded

We haven’t had time to go in-depth with this mode, but from our initial few hours with it, Superstar mode has some intriguing upgrades. This is a return to the franchise for the first time in almost 20 years, giving users a complete experience at what it’s like to train for the NFL and get drafted. During limbo days from Career mode, we’ll be giving Superstar an extended look as the MyCareer version of this series.

overall feel of the game

To piggyback off animations and fluidity, the overall experience just feels great too. From the presentation, to lighting and atmosphere from the crowd – every game has its own unique experience. Madden 24 runs extremely clean this year, which we’re sure will shine more after the launch week is over and developers are able to address anything gamers have concerns with.

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