‘Madden NFL 19’ Gameplay Enhancements, Release Date & First Photos Revealed

Coming August 10th to Xbox One & PS4!

This week, EA Sports revealed the official release date and first photos for Madden NFL 19. While the game looks better every year, our only concern is gameplay tune-ups, which have only been noticeable on the Xbox One X thus far (see: 60-frames-per-second).

EA confirmed the title would be arriving August 10th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including announcing that Terrell Owens would be the official cover guy for their Hall-of-Fame version.

The official cover athlete is yet to be revealed, as we got some first details on gameplay; which is headlined by their new Real Player Motion technology.

In RPM, players will be introduced the game’s new “hit the hole” feature, which will allow users to find an open lane and maneuver around opponents for critical extra yardage.

While gameplay is yet to be revealed for another two weeks at e3, RPM is also set to deliver more believable player motion and unique animations every time you touch the ball.

Look for an official reveal in two weeks at e3.

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