Madden NFL 21 Next-Gen is Surprisingly Amazing, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Review

Dual Entitlement is a free upgrade from last-gen!

Today, the official version of next-gen sports has arrived to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Unlike other companies that have robbed you in upgrades, the next-gen versions of Madden and FIFA are free if you previously purchased them on last-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What’s sticking out to us the most is the fluidity gameplay style, which feels like you have complete user control. No loading times and instant replay, also changes the entire experience for a faster experience to quickly get games out the way. The graphics are also improved, but the gameplay is what strictly sticks out.

This should be the only thing that matters if you’re a hardcore player for the game. It’s being headlined by next-gen stats, which is also co-featured with next-gen player movement. To be honest, we were writing this off as a minimal port, but this runs and feels like an entirely different game.

We played mainly on the Xbox Series X, you know, because it’s the more powerful console. However, the PlayStation 5’s controller haptics feature is something that’s going to really stand out for future installment’s in the Madden series going forward. The DualSense controller had us feeling when the football was released from the finger-tips of a quarterback’s hands.

It’s changed so much, that the play calling system has been changed as well to cater to specific superstar players. Below, you can get a glimpse at the new cinematic experience in 4K, which will look better when you’re actually playing the title.

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