EA Sports Giveaway: Win a FREE Copy of #Madden23 Deluxe for Xbox & PlayStation Consoles (UPDATED 8/21)

Madden NFL 23 Free Game Giveaway

Madden Editions too!

Madden NFL 23 free game giveaway is going down right now, as our friends for life at EA have officially launched their next-game. With the start of the new season three weeks away, EA Sports welcomes us early to fall with the new roll-out for Madden 23.

If you remember our beta review in July, this is one of our favorite releases on all platforms, as they’ve drastically improved the engine. For the hardcore heads out there, be sure to pay attention to our social media accounts for when to expect these codes to go live.

If you don’t win, there’s always next year! For those who’ve been here for years and stuck with us, you already know what time it is. Take a look at details on how to win.

Giveaway Rules | HOW TO WIN!

➡️ To enter, make sure you follow @OnSMASH on Twitter, tweet #Madden23 or retweet our post. It’s that simple!

💬 Follow our Instagram @mvponsmash for a special giveaway on Friday

You can comment below and win as well. All you have to do is tell us why you love the website, how long you have been following us online and maybe even some things you’d like to see from us in the future. We will be picking out random winners from the comments as long as you leave your Twitter handle and follow us. Make sure you specify whether you are a PlayStation or Xbox owner.

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