Madden NFL 23 Rumored to Launch on Xbox Game Pass Day One

still copping if it doesn’t. . .

Madden NFL 23 Xbox Game Pass day one situation is examined after a leaked photo online shares major information for the release. This week, popular YouTuber Chito Gaming shared a photo from the Canada and UK version of

There, a photo revealed that Madden 23 would be launching day one on Xbox Game Pass, becoming the first ever free football simulation from EA Sports. While Chito said it was a rumor mill for now, we’re curious why the photo would leak online, including others in Canada and UK coming across the same promotional artwork.

With EA Sports honoring John Madden as the official cover person for this season, a day one on game pass would be the biggest thing in the history of the series. In our opinion, this would sway more users to the game, including being on the preferred sports platform we use with our friends.

Considering the beta has been out to the public for the last week, the title has been receiving a good reception for new animation improvements. Look for this to be fully unveiled next week during e3.

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