Marvel Shares First Details for Upcoming ‘Avengers’ Game on PS4 & Xbox One

Likely coming late 2019!

Last January, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts developer, Square Enix, confirmed they were working on an official Avengers video game. With PlayStation 4 set to have an exclusive open-world Spider-Man game next spring, Xbox One owners aren’t left out for once.

This week, first details emerged for the upcoming Captain America-led new IP, through a job listing. At the moment, Marvel has a multi-year and multi-game deal set in place for their new video game universe; as Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics is currently in charge of game design.

However, now the team is looking for a lead level designer, asking for applicants who are experienced in online play. The posting also requests an understanding of the social implications of shared gameplay, as well as extra knowledge in various modes and campaigns.

Furthermore, the studio needs a combat designer, who can help their third-person cover-based action-adventure game with proper combat systems. We’re not really shocked at co-op online for the Avengers game; but we’re curious if the team is using the new beloved Unreal 4 engine – which has been a go-to for Square Enix. In recent years, third-person cover system games have been highlighted in by franchises of: Mass Effect, Gears of War, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid.

If it has proper story-telling, this could be one of the biggest current-gen games we’ve ever seen released. But, it’s up to Square Enix to ensure we have something re-playable. Let us know in the comments if you’re in favor of a shift to third person, unlike the top-down format from Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Heroes Omega. Don’t expect a release next year, though.

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