Microsoft Addresses Halo 6’s Status for E3 2017

No Halo 6 just yet. . .

While it may feel like Halo 5 released a life-time ago, the Microsoft-owned franchise is only 16 months removed from its latest installment. Some, including ourselves, have touted H5 as one of the more underrated installments in the series; for both single and multiplayer.

A few days ago, 343 community manager, Brian Jarrard, spoke with fans who were anticipating a follow-up title later this year. Non-surprisingly, Brian confirmed that Microsoft didn’t have a scheduled announcement for Halo 6 at this year’s e3 event; but did say something would be unveiled – not tied to the main series. By now, Halo 5 should be discounted well-below its original price; so, if you’ve never played it, it’s one of the best experiences on the Xbox One this generation.

We’ll be sure to test it out week one of the 4K transition this holiday on the Scorpio system.

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