Microsoft Announces 10-Year Deal with Nintendo for Call of Duty, Confirms Franchise May Not be on PlayStation

Microsoft Announces 10-Year Deal Call of Duty Nintendo Deal

this might not be on PlayStation. . .

Microsoft announces 10-year deal Call of Duty Nintendo deal, as the newly acquired Activision deal is heading to courts today. Since the deal was first announced earlier this year, Microsoft has been making big plans for 2023 and beyond when Call of Duty becomes their exclusive franchise.

Following the Activision-Blizzard purchase, the Xbox first party division of games is set to see a huge boost with those franchises, as well as the Bethesda lineup in store. Now, initially, Xbox Head Phil Spencer said that it had no plans of removing Call of Duty from PlayStation consoles.

However, what’s not being said is that Microsoft wants their Game Pass app to be on PlayStation consoles as well. This means that all their first party titles like Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Call of Duty would only be available through the Game Pass app heading forward.

That has been a roadblock, since Sony isn’t willing to work with Microsoft beyond server help for the PlayStation Network. This week, reports surfaced that Nintendo struck a 10-year deal with Microsoft to continue the Call of Duty franchise on their platforms through Game Pass.

This is huge news for Nintendo fans, as we expect future titles from Microsoft to join Call of Duty on that platform.

Now, both Phil Spencer and Brad Smith of Microsoft spoke about the deal, as they’re waiting for a Sony response. This is on the heels of their court battle in Washington D.C., which we’re assuming Microsoft knows the fate of their purchase.

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