Microsoft is Resurrecting the Original Xbox Controllers for Next-Gen

Day-One cop?

16 years ago, when the original Xbox released, one of the biggest gripes gamers had was the size of its controller. This caused the console to have limited mainstream appeal, until they released a redesigned it in 2003 (when PlayStation 2 already had won the war).

Well, with Microsoft eventually having one of the greatest controllers ever made, through enhanced Xbox 360 and One pads, the company is looking to revisit its roots. Last week, an original member of the team revealed that his design has been given a green-light by Microsoft.

While we’re not expecting this peripheral to release to the public anytime soon, original purist of Microsoft should be heavily intrigued. It’ll also be interesting to see how many past gamers will convert back to the old black and white shoulder buttons – versus having a left and right bumper.

Take a look at media below and let us know in the comments if you plan on copping.

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