Microsoft’s Next-Gen ‘Xbox Scarlet’ Consoles, Pricing & Reveal Date Announced

Consoles Coming holiday 2020. . .

Last summer, Microsoft confirmed they were planning a follow-up console to the Xbox One. The dated console, from 2013, has received several updates, including a mid-generation console re-re-release of the Xbox One X, providing the only console with 4K HDR in 60-frames.

The system even outperforms some games on PC, but is lacking proper exclusivity titles to really showcase its power. While we’ve yet to see Grand Theft Auto this console generation, due to the success of GTA V Online, Microsoft is readying their official next-generation console.

This weekend, Jeux Video, confirmed that the Project Scarlet family of Xbox consoles are set to be revealed at e3 2019 – with a release of holiday 2020. Scarlet will have two different consoles: Lockhart and Anaconda. The Lockhart is set to be a digital disc-less console of 12GB of GDDR6 Ram locked in at 1080p; while the Anaconda will be a native 4K system, with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM.

It’s unclear how much the Lockhart will cost, but we’re assuming around $300, due to it being digital only. The Anaconda is set to be priced around $500 at launch – before bundles next year. At the moment, the only confirmed game that will launch for Scarlet family is Halo Infinite, which was revealed last summer. Look for more details to emerge in spring, before the big event in June.


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