Microsoft Officially Reveals & Prices Next-Gen ‘Xbox One X’ Console

Meet the ‘Xbox One X’. . .

Moments ago, Microsoft held their 2017 E3 presentation event in Los Angeles, where they showcased a slew of exclusive titles. However, the talk of the entire event and week has been their upcoming mid-generation console update, Project Scorpio. Well, Microsoft has now officially given the device a name, Xbox One X, leaving the Scorpio name behind. The console is now slated for a November 7th release date and will run for $499 USD at retailers. Unfortunately, pre-orders aren’t live yet, but should be announced in the coming weeks before summer ends.

Surprisingly, we were expecting the unit to be twice the size of a standard Xbox One, due to power capabilities. Due to complaints, Microsoft managed to compact their smallest console released to date, which their touting as the most powerful console ever built. Its CPU is set to run 30 percent faster than the current model, and 4.6 times more powerful on the GPU end.

All controllers, accessories and games will also be compatible with the X device. While it’s a little more than the $399 PlayStation 4K Pro unit, we’re satisfied knowing that every game will at least run in 60-frames-per-second – regardless if 4K or not. Those of you who are still waiting to invest in a new 4K TV, should make sure it says HDR capable before making a final purchase.

Take a look at the unveil trailer below.

• 6 teraflop GPU, runs at 1.17GHz
• Eight custom x86 cores GPU, clocked at 2.3 GHz
• 12GB of RAM
• full 4K/HDR support
• 4K Blu-ray drive

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