Microsoft Planning a VR Headset for Xbox Scorpio


Xbox VR next year?

A few days ago, at the 2017 Gamer’s Developer Conference events in San Francisco, Microsoft showed off their Windows Mixed Reality headset for Acer Windows. The device is set to ship to developers later this month, as they will ready games exclusively for Windows PC. However, the company plans to bring VR headsets to Xbox One and its successor – Xbox Scorpio.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see any type of mixed-reality gaming this year on consoles from Microsoft; but this comes just one week after Microsoft announced next-year release target for their HoloLens device. We’re not expecting any information to surface regarding their VR device before Scorpio hits retailers, but something could emerge shortly after its November release.

Take a look at the Acer Windows VR headset below.


Microsoft Sets Release-Window for Next-Gen HoloLens Device


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