Microsoft Releases Xbox One Patch for Massive Download Speed Increasing


Expect a 40-80 percent increase!

While going digital sharing accounts has been one of the best things for gamers keeping an extended gaming catalog in place, the most annoying thing most encounter is waiting to download titles up to 65GBs. Sometimes, it’ll take an entire day to download a full game, especially if Microsoft servers are overcrowded. However, the Xbox One has been updated this week, in time for upcoming consumers getting a new current-gen console next weekend for the holidays.

Through a patch, the company has revealed that gamers will see an 80 percent increase for those of you on a connection faster than 100Mbps. However, if you’re on a connection less than that, the update will increase downloading to 40 percent – which should be intriguing for those of you still purchasing physical titles. To get the update, go to console info and updates, within the settings section of the system menu. It also includes wireless controller updating, plus additional tweaks for streaming music and all general background usage that may have speed issues.

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