Microsoft Reportedly Planning to Purchase EA for ‘Madden Exclusivity’

Microsoft x EA Games?

This week, Polygon posted an article, examining Microsoft’s struggles to draw interest to their exclusive titles. With the exception of Gears of War, Halo, Crackdown and Forza; most gamers like ourselves, have used the console for third-party online play.

As Sony gets ready for their biggest year to date of PlayStation 4 titles, Polygon alleges that >Microsoft is attempting to acquire Valve, PUBG Corp, and Electronic Arts.

The reliable source, confirmed that the company is having preliminary discussions, that will lead to an eventual acquisition of EA Games. Currently, EA is believed to be worth upwards of $35 billion, with Microsoft having $130 billion in their cash reserve to make an outright acquisition.

This means Microsoft could potentially have Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, NHL, UFC, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and Star Wars titles exclusively on Xbox One X and Windows PC platforms.

Considering the unlimited funds we expect The Big M to dish out, the next few months of this industry could get insane before the PlayStation 5 reveal at June’s e3 in Los Angeles.

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