Microsoft Reportedly Readying ‘Xbox Scarlett’ Multi-Device Console for 2020

7-year life cycles. . .

Last fall, Microsoft rolled out their Xbox One X console, which is three times as more powerful than the standard Xbox One and twice the power of a PlayStation 4. While the console hasn’t lived up to expectations on our end in its first year, they do have a few titles that are finally taking advantage of the console’s frame-rates later this year. However, before fans get their money’s worth on that system, Microsoft is reportedly gearing up for its next official major console.

This week, a new Thurrott has surfaced, revealing that Microsoft is planning their next-generation next Xbox in 2020. The system is codenamed Scarlet, as the report also revealed that the system will feature multiple pieces of hardware. Microsoft is still waiting to make a formal announcement, but Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed last Sunday at e3 that the company was deep in architecting the next Xbox consoles – plural, confirming this news is likely to happen.

Considering Microsoft has no plans of switching the VR world and has a huge infatuation for mobile gaming, we could see them release a hybrid device similar to the Nintendo Switch. Let us know in the comments if you would be on board for a multi-piece console from Microsoft.

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