Microsoft’s Shocking Reveal for ‘Xbox Series X’ Console & How it Affects the PS5

Still arriving. . .

Last month, we broke the story that both Sony and Microsoft were planning to delay the launches of their next-gen systems. While this is more beneficial to Sony, who still hasn’t found a way to lower their retail price of the PS5 from $499, Microsoft is looking to still launch their system this holiday.

The Xbox Series X has shockingly been in production, outside of its factory site in China, to an undisclosed location. That’s right, Microsoft plans to have enough systems in place to meet consumer demand for X-Mas. However, the PlayStation 5 isn’t on track to have enough systems, ready for the overwhelming support.

Companies, like Ubisoft, have been the first to reveal they have plans of delaying titles if both consoles aren’t ready to avoid a failed major release. This is the chatter of many third-party companies, that are echoing those same sentiments (see: Rockstar Games).

At the moment, Halo Infinite, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and a new Forza title are set to be the key first-party launch titles; as we expect Microsoft to possibly gain a larger audience in its initial first three months of launch.

Sony is yet to unveil their first-party launch line-up; but have plans to make the announcement in the coming weeks. With every factory in China shut down, due to COVID-19, many systems are still waiting to be completed for the PS5.

Look for more details to surface before the summer.

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