EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft & Sony are Working Together to Battle Major Companies after Bethesda Deal, What Media Doesn’t Know

You’re not seeing the bigger picture. .

Over the past few days, we’ve been laughing hysterically at virtually every Sony-biased gaming site (yes, you, goofy) in major media crying on camera over the Bethesda deal. Some went as far as to say the deal was bad for gaming, but would be praising Sony if they landed the third-party giant. You idiots just look silly.

This deal is amazing for gaming, in every fashion; as both companies are thinking in the future. Last year, we broke the story that Microsoft and Sony are planning for an eventual gaming merger, after their cloud-based gaming partnership. The days of console fanboys, exclusive games and mocking other consoles will end after the upcoming generation. Microsoft is not planning to make anything exclusive on the Xbox Series X.

Every game released with Bethesda, will still go to the PlayStation 5 day-one, so nobody has to be scared. The deal is specifically designed for software streaming, which is where Microsoft makes the majority of their revenue. The business model, which was initiated by the music industry, has made Microsoft some lucrative revenue with Xbox Game Pass. With GameStop on the verge of being phased out, due to the rise of digital consoles being purchased, physical disc are now taking a backseat.

Sony is always expected to make more money on console sales, given its huge popularity. However, Microsoft IS LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY OFF EVERYONE WITH THIS BETHESDA DEAL. That is their only goal this generation with Xbox Series X and helping Sony out with cloud gaming. They want to be supplier to every street corner in gaming. MS isn’t focused on Sony or a gaming war anymore; they’re battling Google, Amazon and Apple – with the rise of cloud gaming.

The traditional thinking of game sales and console sales has been dead for the last two years, since the launch of Game Pass with Xbox One X. That’s set to transition to the upcoming next-gen, with ad-placements just like we see on Spotify, YouTube and other music streaming services. Every Bethesda game will be free on Xbox Game Pass, which already has some gamers concerned about having to spend $70 bucks on every game that launches.

Sony sells $100 million plus consoles every generation, and Microsoft is looking to tap into that market. THIS DEAL ISN’T FOR XBOX. MICROSOFT DOESN’T CARE IF YOU HAVE AN XBOX OR NOT. THEY WANT THEIR GAMES STREAMED ON EVERY PLATFORM POSSIBLE, REGARDLESS IF IT’S THEIRS OR NOT. This will influence other third-party giants to re-think they’re strategy, after Bethesda gets more collateral to launch titles on the scale of a Halo or Uncharted.

We expect the Game Pass initiative to help Sony with their relaunch merge of PlayStation Now and PlayStation+ in 2021, for their own unified streaming platform. Multiple PlayStation exclusives have been coming to PC in recent years, which is something nobody ever expected. Microsoft has lost in every way possible to both Nintendo and Sony, so they’re using a bank account to make the biggest power move in the history of gaming.

For instance, instead of spending $700 bucks a year on 10 games, you’ll get them all free on game pass. The Xbox and exclusives won’t even matter beyond the Xbox One, because they want the most money on every platform. PlayStation will always win on console sales, but Microsoft will make the most money on backend game streaming. Here’s the kicker with Sony, The PS+ and PS Now relaunch will have an insane userbase from consoles already purchased.

This means almost every exclusive title we’ve seen on PlayStation since 1995 will be in their catalogue for game streaming. Since they’ll be using Microsoft’s cloud service for the upcoming war with Amazon and Google, that initial 40 million base online will have immediate access to the service. It’s almost a collection of 1,000 games exclusively for service.


Microsoft: Looking to make money from everybody. Their Bethesda titles will be every platform, including PlayStation 5. This will make the most money in revenue over every competitor, with ad placement game streaming (see: Spotify).

Sony: Doesn’t want to buy a big company after Bethesda deal. Wants to build up their exclusive titles and sell systems the traditional way. Working with Microsoft to save themselves from Amazon and Google.

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Xbox Series X and Series S are upcoming home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. They are both scheduled to be released on November 10, 2020 as the fourth generation of the Xbox console family, succeeding Xbox One.

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