Microsoft Talks PS5’s Exclusive Titles with Eye-Raising Comments before July Event

Holiday 2020. . .

Two weeks ago, Sony took over the gaming world, revealing their long-awaited PlayStation 5 console. While the rest of the world awaits the imminent $700 price reveal later this summer, the team at Xbox hasn’t shared their official launch plans. In a recent conversation, Phil Spender, head of Xbox, responded to Sony’s show with some eye-raising comments.

During the interview, Phil said he went to congratulate Sony on the show, and said he felt good after seeing their show. He went to say that he felt really excited about their upcoming launch exclusives, with hardware advantages. This means higher framerates and graphical capabilities with the Xbox Series X.

So, what we took from it, is that XSX will launch with 120 frames-per-seconds on multiple games. During Sony’s event for the PS5, multiple games didn’t reach 60-frames, but were in 4K. We’ll have to see wait and see why Microsoft’s confidence at an all-time high, when they unveil the games in July.

Basically, Phil Spencer believes there is a significant difference with Xbox Series X and the PS5, with CPU, GPU and memory bandwidth advantages. Take a look at the interview below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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