Microsoft Unveils ‘Xbox Scorpio’ Developer Console

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Over the weekend, Microsoft formally announced that they would unveil their long-awaited Xbox One console upgrade at e3, Project Scorpio. While the device is being promoted as a mid-generation upgrade, we’ve said countless times that it’s essentially a brand-new console.

Although the Big M may have finally gotten their operating system and navigation faster for the nearly four-year old console; we’ve grown frustrated with the lack of a graphical leap for certain titles. Luckily, the new Xbox Scorpio is set to have an inclusion of mandatory 4K and 60-frames-per-second on all upcoming and previous releases for the console’s library.

Before it’s official unveiling at E3 in June, the company unveiled their developer kit console, which is reminiscent to their Xbox One-S system. Take a look at the developer system below.

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