Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett Next-Gen Console Streaming-Only Details Surface

Netflix-like streaming. . .

While Microsoft has been mum on the future family of consoles for Xbox, following their big e3 reveal – more information has emerged this week. Last month, the company revealed plans of readying an upcoming traditional next-generational console, as well as a secondary device.

Well, reports this week have surfaced that the Big M is planning to release a streaming-only console by the name of Scarlett, through cloud based. Although details are scare for the project, many are believing that a Netflix-like gaming pass could be implemented throughout the device. It’s unclear if this will include day-one games, but a possible rent-to-own model could be introduced.

It’s likely that the current Xbox One game pass is an introduction model to cloud-based gaming (RIP GameStop), and could be the trojan-horse to a new way of playing games. We just pray it’s not like PlayStation Now’s service, which became one of the biggest disappointments this generation.

Let us know if you’re in favor of a Netflix-like gaming console with new releases.

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