Our 10 Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2017

Project Scorpio

Although Sony has released their 4K PlayStation Pro system over the holiday, Microsoft is taking a full-year to plan ahead – with the launch of their new system, the Xbox Scorpio. First premiered over the summer in Los Angeles, Microsoft has internal developers like 343 Studios blown away by the nearly limitless power they have for future Halo projects before decade’s end.

What sets the system apart is its unique internal capability of offering 6 teraflops of GPU, nearly triple the power of Sony’s PlayStation Pro. Unlike its competitor, Microsoft is looking to launch the system with a few day-one exclusives next holiday, which more details should be revealed this summer at e3. We’re solely intrigued about the mid-generation cycle upgrade, only because its Microsoft and how much of an upgrade it’ll be in comparison to its PC counterpart.

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