Our 10 Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2017


Here’s everything we’re planning to check out this year!

With 2016 wrapping up less than two weeks ago, we’re looking ahead to the future for another jam-packed galore of some AAA and possible Killer-App titles. Last holiday, Sony struck first in the latest console wars, following the release of their PS4 console. The console has limited 4K content (see: Blu-Ray and Netflix), and hasn’t had many titles that take advantage of its power at the moment, but there’s a ton of exclusives arriving to its platform this spring, summer and fourth quarter.

Those of you who prefer Microsoft and Nintendo systems won’t be left hanging, as both companies have something special in store to change the land-scape of gaming. Continue after this page below to see what’s on radar in the world of gaming for the next 11 months.

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