NBA 2K Developers Exposed for Purposely Making Watered Down Game to Make Money Annually

This yall words. . . .

For those of you who visit this site frequently, it’s no secret that we haven’t been too fond of the 2K series in recent years. This is due to them pandering to the casual gamer, that looks at their basketball series as a regular video game. This week, Brutalsim highlighted some tweets from official 2K Sports developers, that were shocking to some of the NBA community.

Team developer, Czar, confirmed that NBA 2K has purposely left simulation and traditional users behind them, because it doesn’t sell. He said, “You don’t want them even considering separating the costs of the sim game apart from the whole game. A sim hoop game would not sell enough to keep being made. If that game was built using only funds from sim gamers it would kill the series in 2 years max.”

We completely understand that they’re a company and look to make a certain amount of profit every year. However, many of our friends have left the series entirely alone, out of frustration with the direction it’s gone over the past 6 years with MyPLAYER. The casuals that currently play 2K, do not live for basketball like most of us do, or did.

They’re just here for a short-period of time, which is literally comparable to a social media app before something else gets attention. If they lose that audience and the original core audience that’s leaving, they’ll be in serious trouble. Last year, NBA 2K20 was probably one of the better titles we’ve played in the series. That may have been the last great installment for the franchise we’ll possibly see.

With 2K21 on current and next-gen, some have even gone back to 2K20 just for their basketball fix. Our only issues with the 2K21 on Xbox Series X, has been the restrictions in ProAm until a few months ago; when a patch attempted to fix things. This week, the majority of our camp has the X, and we’ve been playing comp games.

If you want to run a private pro-am, drop your gamertag below for Xbox Network.

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