The ‘NBA 2K18’ Demo Out Now on PS4 & Xbox One

Go get it right now!

It’s the first week of September and you know what that means right? 2K Sports has finally released the prelude demo for their upcoming basketball title, NBA 2K18. The demo is currently out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as gamers get a brief glimpse of the action before it arrives in full next Friday. Fans of the series can choose between three modes: Begin MyCARER, 2KU and MyPLAYER.

While a traditional 5-minute quarter arena game isn’t available; the 2KU section allows players to play in a gym-set exhibition game as the Golden State Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the game due out on September 15th, we’re sure many gamers will find hidden gems of new gameplay features added this season, as well as figuring out how to work this new damn shot meter.

Let us know which system you’re playing it on, and if it’s big leap in comparison to last season.

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