‘NBA 2K18’ Demo Release Date Announced & New Graphics Explained

Looks Great, but plays _____?

With the ‘NBA LIVE 18’ demo arriving in 48 hours, 2K Sports has finally started to share news and gameplay footage of the next installment of their annual basketball game.

This week, a developer diary for NBA 2K18 surfaced, as the team behind the game explained how the title is the best-looking game in the franchise’s history (sounds familiar?).

Above, we get a get a brief glimpse at player movements and how 2K Sports has redefined its player presentation this season with photo techniques. Each player will have the ability to react to light in true-to-life-form, based on their skin tones in the game.

The new Nike jerseys, where also showcased, as well as MyPLAYER customization. Speaking of which, the team confirmed that the game’s official demo would arrive on September 8th, a week before the game’s official digital release on the 15th (retail on September 29th).

However, in comparison to last year’s The Prelude demo, 2K Sports teased that they would be taking a different approach to the first-experience on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for their next title.

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