Watch the First Leaked In-Game Footage of ‘NBA 2K18’

Fuck them damn trailers. . .

Later this week, the first official game of NBA 2K18 will be played for the public by Ronnie and his co-workers of Take-Two Interactive. However, last night at Gamestop Expo 2017, fans on hand were able to sneak out their smartphones and record some footage for the public.

The thing we noticed the most was the new shot meter, which will transition from the green-timed releases this season. Another intriguing part of the clip, was the fluid movement in 60-frames for the title, which should be a masterpiece when the Xbox One X (featuring 4K) releases in two months. Take a look at the Rockets vs. Spurs in one clip, and the Cavaliers vs. Warriors in another.

Let us know in the comments if you think this is upgrade from last season.

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