‘NBA 2K18’ Developers on Big Baller Brand Sneakers & Adding All-Time Teams

One more month. . .

Over the past few seasons, one of our favorite things to do within the NBA 2K universe, has been playing private all-star team-up. It’s no secret that we have a hatred for the series over the years; but to truly find out how the game really plays, you have to be in online team-up with 9 other humans (we’re pretty sure the majority of you don’t do). Not off-line mode, Pro-AM, MyCareer or MyPlayer – which is what most of these rookie reviewers judge the game on.

With that being said, the team at 2K Sports has shared a major piece of news for the upcoming next installment of their basketball series. This season, NBA 2K18 will feature all-time teams for all 30 NBA franchise, comprised of the best players in each team’s history.

In recent years, we’ve been limited to just the same retro teams, but seeing the addition of every major player to franchise (hopefully including Charles Barkley in Phoenix and Philadelphia) is something we’ll be looking to play when the game launches in five weeks.

In related news, 2K also confirmed that Big Baller Brand sneakers would also be included for the game, as Lonzo Ball has already become one of the game’s most talked about players so far. Look for gameplay details to arrive in the coming days before the demo release next month.

Also let us know which players are you looking forward to the most in the All-Time mode, like prime late 2000s Kobe, T-Mac in Orlando or Rasheed Wallace hopefully back in the game.

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