‘NBA 2K19’ First Gameplay Footage & Takeover System Details Emerge

September 7th. . .

Over the last few years, the NBA 2K series has drifted away from gameplay and shifted their focus to everything else in the realm of My Team/Playground/GM modes. Well, for NBA 2K19, the upcoming title may be a breath of fresh air from stagnant gameplay we’ve received over the last five seasons.

Game Informer shared first public details of their hands-on experience with the title and felt the series was moving back to a solid place. The publication got in a good five games with the title and said that what stuck out the most was the new Takeover System.

Many immediately compared it to the NBA Jam On Fire system, which they explained the concept of any player being able to take over a game at any time. In other words, if a person is locking down the paint, playmakers setting up teammates for easy buckets and players getting hot from deep – it’ll build up a takeover meter. Once it reaches max potential, it’ll set an on-fire badge underneath the player on the court, unlocking a new tier of animations and badges.

This can be checked anytime, while holding the left bumper and which also isn’t limited to just one player. Multiple teammates can have the takeover activated at once, as well as cold streaks for an entire team if things go bad before calling a timeout.

The shot meter from NBA 2K18 is also being addressed, as one of the biggest complaints last season was players missing wide-open layups too many times. This season, it will be a learning curve with getting familiar with the new system; but users will also be able to switch variations of the meter.

Four choices will be available, including going by: players hands, players feet, turn on booth or turn them off all together. On initial gameplay testing, they said shot feedback was also polished drastically, as they noticed wide-open uncontested shots went in more frequently.


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