NBA 2K22 Features 30+ Shooting Badge Builds, New Badges, Badge Loadouts & More

NBA 2K22 New Badges Teased Preview

Either very good or very bad. . .

NBA 2K22 New Badges Teased Preview is revealed, as the 2K Sports unveils a little more information before next week’s big event. With Mike Wang and Ronnie 2K set to unveil the full game in a few days, more news emerged today.

From the WNBA W section of the game, it was confirmed that new badges would be featured including post-playmaker, hyperdrive, quick chain, triple threat juke and the return of glue hands.

While nothing has been shown on screen just yet, the return of 80+ badge builds seem to be set in stone, as the demo build shown below has a whopping 32 shooting badges.

Although we feel that only 16 badges are needed for more advanced shooters like ourselves, this is insane to think that somebody who isn’t a legend will have that amount of shooting badges.

Below, you can take a look at the brief breakdown and let us know in the comments what you think.

NBA 2K22 New Badges Teased Preview

New Player Progression

Drum roll, please. NBA 2K22 is proud to announce an all-new Badge progression to The W. Along the way, you’ll earn badges, which improve areas of your player’s game. In NBA 2K22, you can customize your player’s badges freely, opening the door to endless possibilities and unique builds based on your specialities. When creating your MyPLAYER, you’ll see the available badges next to your attributes in the four categories of Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense. These will dictate how your player can improve and become more well-rounded. By playing games, you’ll fill the meter in each category, and you’ll earn badge points, which can be used to equip and upgrade badges. Managing and editing your badges is easy by saving custom badge loadouts specific to your MyPLAYER. By doing so, you can fine-tune your experience and get strategic when facing off in various experiences in The W.

Off-Day Experience

Honing your craft takes dedication. We get it, but everyone deserves an off-day too. This year we added three new playable activities to the off-day experience for you to participate in. We want you to be more thoughtful and balanced in your workout regimen, meaning the choices you make will play a role in how you progress, gain popularity, and build your wallet. The three new playable modes will grant you and your MyPLAYER the closest thing to becoming a WNBA pro. The W delivers more opportunities to improve your game and the most authentic experience to date. Scrimmages will be a great way for you to practice with teammates in a short game, lasting only one quarter. If you want to be a team player, this is how you earn team chemistry with your squad, leading to more trust on the court. In addition to scrimmages, join team practices and work on specific skills during drills to earn badges and upgrade them. Filling out the stat sheet in a big game is a special feeling, but to take center stage you need to practice. It’s never a bad idea to get in the coach’s ear either, and it might just get you a little extra, like two additional team drills. Coaches can be helpful, but so can current and former WNBA players. NBA 2K22 will feature contact workouts, an exciting way of learning new skills in The W. Progressing through the Season will help you form connections with some of the WNBA’s brightest stars, such as Candace Parker, A’ja Wilson, and Nneka Ogwumike. You’ll be able to challenge them to 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or even 3-on-3 games of 21. Best of all, you’ll be able to join forces with players after you make contact with them. You can choose to play alongside a player or go toe-to-toe against them in future workouts. Each contact specializes in different skills and will help you improve one of your badge categories. By beating them, you’ll boost your badge in that category significantly. If you can’t defeat your contact the first time around, it’s all good. You can always run it back as many times as you like. We want to get you started by giving you three WNBA contacts the moment you step into The W — it’s good to have connections. You’ve got the skills to become a WNBA legend, but you need guidance on your path to greatness. NBA 2K22 allows you to turn idols into mentors and legends into advisors. Learn from your WNBA heroes and become the face of the next generation in The W.

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