NBA 2K23 First Impressions Explained in Test Demo [Early Gameplay Review]

NBA 2K23 First Impressions Explained Test Demo

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NBA 2K23 first impressions explained test demo, as we examine a viral clip from YouTube and our own personal experience with the game. Two weeks ago, ShakeDown2012 of YouTube and the 2K Community shared a video explaining his first impressions of the game.

This week, we got our hands on the game, and had similar gameplay experiences with the regular NBA teams. While our gaming goes strictly to Pro AM and Rec, we’re intrigued about the gameplay additions and subtractions after NBA 2K22.

The first thing we noticed was a drastic slowdown in overall game speed, which made the game feel less arcadey and more geared towards the simulation style from back in the day. Whether that feature stays remains to be seen, but on ball defense and closing out was the biggest thing that stuck out in our Celtics (without KD) vs. Bulls.

Overall, it just seemed geared more towards bigs this year, as point guards and heavy dribbling has been toned down. You’ll have to really use your energy the right way and not dribble for longer than 15 seconds, where most look for a crab.

Our biggest adjustment was the new dunk meter, which is like the shot meter, like ShakeDown mentioned. I took the shot meter off in the demo, because I never play with it on. However, the new dunk meter did look intriguing, because you’ll be able to choose which dunk type you want.

Complete control in dunking is something that’s needed to really exploit the greatness of not tapping x to finish in the paint. We’re expecting a large complaint from cheesers regarding the extremely slow pace of the game. Hopefully 2K Sports doesn’t cave in and change what could be one of their better installments in the franchise.

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