‘NBA Live 19’ Introduces New Dribble Crossover Combos

King Kyrie will be our player of choice. . .

With EA Sports successfully rolling out NBA Live 18, the west coast team is readying their next basketball simulation title. Last week, EA presented LIVE 19 to the public, which featured drastic graphical overhauls for in-game fluidity. Luckily, gameplay is also getting several tune-ups this year, including a new dribbling system for deadly crossover. Through compiled media footage below, the game introduces a variety of double crossover and between the leg crossovers.

However, those moves will be limited to just players like Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford and maybe at times, Steph Curry for certain moves. Outside of those four, if you try with any other point-guard around the league, they’ll likely lose the rock and possibly even turn it over.

Take a look at the clips below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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