‘NBA Live’ Does Something ‘NBA 2K’ Should’ve Done for PlayStation 5 & Xbox Scarlett Next-Gen Systems

Don’t fuck the fans. . .

One of the worst launches for a video game this year, and maybe generation, has been NBA 2K20. Since we’ve been stuck with this title as the only basketball release for the season, many fans have complained since day-one on numerous issues.

Those being: The Park, MyPLAYER badges not properly working, virtual currency, servers and glitches (see: the infamous phone freeze). The experience for 2K20 hasn’t been great at all, if you’re a person who plays beyond the traditional way of regular teams.

However, EA Sports confirmed in a presser this week, that NBA Live 20 had officially been cancelled, as the company is putting focus to the next-generation of consoles. We’re assuming they felt the game wasn’t up to their standards of being a significant step above it’s previous releases.

So, instead of robbing the general public of their money for a roster update and some different badges, EA is looking to launch NBA Live 21 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett next holiday season. This could’ve been the same approach that 2K Sports did with NBA 2K20; because there’s a lot of fans mad with their release, as well as WWE 2K20.

Take a look at the media below and let us know in the comments if you would’ve rather had a roster update throughout the year on NBA 2K19, because 2K20 is a just a copy and paste.

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