The Next Xbox Could Be Arriving in Late 2026 after Major Report Surfaces

Next Xbox Console 2026 Release Date Teased

Next Xbox console 2026 release date teased!

Next Xbox console 2026 release date teased, as the gaming world is stunned that a next-gen device could be arriving sooner than expected. Last week, it was all but confirmed that Call of Duty 2024 was going to be the first installment ever released day-one Xbox Game Pass.

Well, with recent acquisitions of Activision and Bethesda over the last two years, Microsoft could be readying an all-new console within the next two-year. Xbox President Sarah Bond, sat down with CEO of the gaming company, Phil Spencer, to make a shocking revelation.

Sarah went as far as to say that the next Xbox will have the largest graphical jump ever for any hardware console. Considering Unreal Engine 5 hasn’t properly been used on current-gen consoles, it’s looking like Microsoft is planning to launch ahead of the PlayStation 6.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Call of Duty legend, Hope, revealed on social media that Microsoft was indeed readying their next-gen console much sooner than expected. Hope said that he heard on good authority that the next Xbox is set to arrive in 2026, with a day-one console launch release for Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward has been revealed to be the makers for COD 2026, which has many in the gaming world wondering if they’re ready to spend another $500 or more on consoles in under three years.

Considering both consoles released during 2020, we’ve pretty much seen what they can do from a technical standpoint. The only thing we’re waiting on is Grand Theft Auto, which Rockstar will likely have an 8K remastered version on deck for those shiny new consoles.

Take a look at the media below.

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