The Real Reason Why NFL 2K on PS5 & Xbox Series X Was Delayed to 2022

NFL 2K, PS5, Xbox Series X Delayed 2022

We’re getting Madden regardless. . .

Three weeks ago, 2K Sports confirmed that their official NFL 2K reboot would be delayed until 2022. While many are still getting ready to play Madden 22 because it’s the only sports title that can have real times; interesting information has been brought our way. The NFL gave 2K Sports a deadline to release a new game before the start of the season in September.

However, due to the pandemic and studios being closed until recently, 2K Sports didn’t have enough time. They initially wanted to release in the middle of the season, and hopefully get holiday traction as their re-intro to the general public. Considering they’ve been out of business for 17 years, that would’ve been insane for Take-Two Interactive getting the 2K Sports Football brand back on its feet.

It won’t be able to compete with Madden, but its nice to have competition in the air. Like we’ve said in the past, the upcoming NFL 2K won’t have real teams; but will feature the inclusion of MyCareer seen in the NBA 2K series. So, you’ll be able to build your own player and test him out online.

The biggest question we have pertaining to the simulation-style game, is how many players will be able to play in a game at one time. The sweet spot would be 5 vs. 5. Look for 2K Sports to tease something at e3 in a few days.

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