Nintendo Explains Plans to Extend Shortened Console Life-Cycles in Gaming

Nintendo is all-in with the Switch

In just 10 months, Nintendo has sold more Switch systems than the entire generation of its Wii U console. This week, the Japanese company held an investor’s call, as director and creative lead, Shigeru Miyamoto, shared huge plans. At the moment, Nintendo seems confident that they’ll be able go past the five-to-six-year console cycle – both Microsoft and Sony had with their current systems.

With Sony gearing up to unveil the PlayStation 5 in a few months, Microsoft is just two months removed from their mid-generation system upgrade of the Xbox One X. Miyamoto said, “Nintendo also has a system in place whereby the software developers focus on these hardware features in their development efforts for the continuation of the Nintendo Switch business.”

Considering its huge install base in just one-year, we’re expecting Nintendo to set a new trend of first-party focused titles to attract and maintain gaming consumers over the next few years.

Let us know in the comments, if you’re disliking consoles becoming the new iPhone trend.

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